Monday, August 12, 2013

Getting Ready for a New Class

     This is the new bulletin board outside my classroom. I found the idea on Pinterest, and my sweet husband made the iPod for me.  On the "screen," it has "Mrs. Holland's 2013-14 Playlist" with my students listed instead of songs.  This was fun to put together.  I hope the kids enjoy it!
     As I worked in my room today, I kept thinking about my previous years and what worked or didn't work with lessons.  How could I make this year the best ever?  What changes should I make to help the classroom run more smoothly?
     Preparing to meet my 16th (GASP) class has me wanting to shake things up a bit and try something new.  I've decided to implement Chris Biffle's Whole Brain Teaching as part of our routine and lessons.  For more information, visit 
     Tomorrow and Wednesday will bring training and meetings, but hopefully I'll have plenty of time to work in my room.  I will post more pictures as the room comes together.  

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